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10 Real Relationship Goals For Black Couples

Instead of conforming to the usual predictable routine, it is far better to participate in activities that have been scientifically proven to improve and strengthen your stand as a black couple and build more attraction to your spouse while strengthening the mutual bond that you both share.



As a dating and relationships blogger, I have learned that the routine boring and traditional ways of getting to know more about each other as a black couple can slow down connections and weaken relationships.

Instead of conforming to the usual predictable routine, it is far better to participate in activities that have been scientifically proven to improve and strengthen your stand as a black couple and build more attraction to your spouse while strengthening the mutual bond that you both share. The following are workable ideas that you can both tailor to adapt to your style as a black couple.

1. Take a long hike, stroll or walk together

On a nature trail, local art gallery, public park or even around your neighborhood, not only as an excuse for exercise, but you can do it together, make it a habit of it, do it often or make a point to do this when you are developing certain feelings that require attention, such as an argument oftentimes, people like to keep moving during moments of frustration-some even use ‘I need to take a walk’ moment so as to get the blood flowing and clear their head for a while. Do it together at a much needed time as a black couple.

2. Take a long road trip together

Make the plans for a few stops along the way, but also take this time as an opportunity to grow closer as a black couple, ignore social media, phone calls, the emails, and the text messages. Make this time uniquely about the two you, lockout the noise and experience your partner as a human in a different light, enjoy the limitless possibilities of the open road as much as possible.

3. Break out of your comfort zone

People in a relationship, especially black couples tend to get into a longtime routine-while that may be completely normal, it’s refreshing to switch up the routine a little bit even if its temporarily finding an exotic restaurant out of town and trying an exotic dish for the first time, whatever it might be. It doesn’t have to be that outlandish or expensive but at least out of the norm.

4. Have a private picnic

And private in this case implies somewhere else that allows space for intimate privacy other than the public park full of kids and pets, but if that’s the only option you got, the encourage your children to spend their time playing and socializing while the adults indulge in their ways of having a good time in a secluded area- with a bottle of wine and finger foods, or your favorite brand of fast food.

The point here is to sit and enjoy a meal together but in a different place than you are both not used to as a black couple, and don’t forget to take it easy and slow then you would at the dinner table. 

5. Try out a brewery or wine-tasting

It always encouraging when a black couple tries a new thing together, especially when you can have it both ways new and exciting, yet intimate again something to calm your nerves a bit and to take slowly take your time and both enjoy the moment without rushing.

And although it shouldn’t always require alcohol to open up to one another-it can wide up the emotional playing field for black couples which rarely exists for black men especially in sobriety. So take the time to enjoy the moment with your partner, for you both and the sake of your relationship.

6. Pull an all-nighter

It doesn’t always have to be the regular ‘stay up all night till the sun rises’ as a black couple be creative and generate the excitement you would have as a teenager sneaking out together behind your parents back wilding out all night and sneaking back to your room before your moms noticed you were out.

Break the rules a little bit, but responsibly as adult this time, have fun by taking an extra step, be creative, show up at a local club together take some time at the dance floor, and stop on the way back to make out in the woods, this kind of spontaneous random thrill-seeking rekindles the youth side of relationships like no other, and not to mention strengthening the bond between your as a black couple while creating new memories to live for during the trying times in a relationship.

This works better than being stuck at home on a being of some TV series on Netflix.

7. Go “primitive” camping (not “glamping”)

Sometimes the thrill we need as black couples is hidden in the unknown, also the joy of having to totally rely on your spouse for some period, don’t bring a cell phone, a tent, water or any outdoor gear, don’t make it too convenient to not depend on each other, build your shelter for the night from scratch, build a fire like cavemen would, attempt to fish or hunt for wild meat, survive like you would in a scenario you were both stranded in a jungle or a post-apocalyptic period.

As over the top as it might seem to try to be primitive as possible, but bring an emergency survival park just in case.

8. Go a day with zero technology, make it a game

Simply set aside a day for just the two of you, and be honest about staying of your social media timelines and ‘dm’s for a full day, you might create an opportunity for a real issue that was hidden to be solved and the time needed to solidify you as a black couple, put to rest your gadgets and turn off the data/Wi-Fi for a day and make your partner the sole priority of the day. This may be certainly hard for us to do but go ahead and give it a shot.

9. Build/ create something new together

Whether it is crafting that new piece of furniture together or finally finishing that Shopify store that you started, or maybe finally remodeling your kids’ bedrooms, participate together as a team while each voicing opinions and wants.

As a team make sure to compromise don’t ego get in the way the main goal is to strengthen the existing bond not the battle of the sexes. Notice your partners’ hard work and appreciate the effort where it is due, you are bound to appreciate you’re a partner in another positive light which is usually absent during dormancy.

10. Plan an All-day getaway

Plan a whole day full of places to visit for just the two of you. You’ll admit as black couples we rarely set apart enough time to reset and strengthen our relationship bonds between us, this defiantly leads to the deteriorating quality of the relationship. We cease to date our spouse after tying the knot and spending years together.

The getaway doesn’t have to be expensive at all, skip town and spend the night in a different town, go down at the mall and shop together, revisit the place you first met or you had your first kiss. Make it a routine to date as if it was the first time, at all time avoid the habit to conform to a boring routine if you can help it, constantly reveal the urge to know the interesting secret alter ego of your partner, it works magic for the longevity of this relationship.

You should always be striving to keep things fresh and create new opportunities to bond and strengthen your love. Check out these couples bonding props that help you to create new memories and relive old ones.

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