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9 Small Things Black Men Notice About You – Even If You Think They Don’t



Women tend to think that black men don’t generally see the little things. (Probably because while women comment on everything they observe men tend to register it and move on.) All they care about is aesthetics, right? Not quite…

While men do focus on the more evident things first, they certainly do think about everything else as well.

Things you state, how you state them, your character, your perspectives on life, your style, and so forth.

Again, they just probably won’t remark on it, but trust me, they take note!

So how about we talk around 9 little things men see about you that you thought they didn’t notice…

Your Sense of Style…

Of course, most heterosexual black men are not educated up on what’s in vogue at the present time. They probably won’t realize or care that mother pants are what’s in and that flared pants are returning.  However, they can tell all in all in the event that you have a decent sense of style and they will compliment you in the event that they see you’ve tried. What’s more, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s only a decent pair of pants and a tee or an extravagant dress. If he thinks you look great in it – he’ll take note. Whether he tells you or not, he has made a mental note.

Your Nails…

I know you certainly aren’t considering men and their prefernces when choosing your french tips. You are typically just having a mini pamper session and choosing whichever colour fits your mood. Be that as it may, men do notice and they like it when ladies have pleasant nails. We’re not talking insane nail workmanship here, yet simply decent, manicured nails will send the correct sort of message to your man. It is also important to note that he notices when they are jacked up, too…

A Woman’s Character

Your character is the thing that makes a black man stay or leave. What’s more, the accord here is that nobody likes unpleasant or discourteous individuals. We as a whole need somebody intriguing and decent to spend time with.


It’s peculiar yet the fragrance is an incredible trigger. We will, in general, recollect explicit fragrances and in the event that we smell them elsewhere, we immediately recall the individual or spot we partner them with. Be that as it may, this doesn’t mean you need to spend loads on fragrance, men will recollect a decent shower gel or that your hair consistently possesses an aroma like that cinnamon cleanser similarly too.


So… Men, for the most part, men love cheerful women, with positive attitudes! We’re not saying you should be smiling all the times, however, the nice, kind woman with a good attitude will, in general, pull men in.

Outside Activity

We will generally fall into a similar snare of forsaking our outside activity once we get into a new relationship. However men (who aren’t control freaks) like it when you have your own life outside of the relationship. It demonstrates to them that you’re fun and social and individuals need to associate with you. We as a whole need a breather from our accomplices now and again, and having a gathering of friends to spend time with is crucial.


There’s nothing more alluring than certainty.
Women like men to have confidence, and men feel a similar way about women. It’s simply a lot more pleasant to spend time with somebody who isn’t disabled by their uncertainties and insecurities.
Black women, heal that hurt the other man caused you, don’t let that become a burden for your future.

Comical Inclination

Nothing worse than a dry sense of humour. I don’t think any man has ever picked a woman just because she makes him laugh…. although many women do pick men based on that. We still want a woman who can make us laugh and who laughs at our jokes, too! Or at least enjoys some of the things that we find funny. All things considered, couples that have inside jokes truly appear as though the most joyful couples out there.

Open Heart

We’re regularly informed that all men are searching for one thing and one thing only. This can be the case but oftentimes they’re likewise searching for true affection. What’s more, more often than not they need to make that initial step, which must unnerve. So they truly value it on the off chance that you keep your heart open, your expectations clear and don’t trample them while they’re being helpless. Men can be hurt, too – we are not cyborgs! If she has a soft nature we will make a note of this while we fall.


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