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How Does The SBL Dating Affiliate Program Work?

The affiliate program offers businesses, bloggers and influencers the opportunity to get paid while promoting Black Love!

How Does The SBL Dating Affiliate Program Work?

Become An SBL Affiliate And Earn Passive Income

When you register in the affiliate program you get a unique affiliate reference ID.
You can then use your unique URL, text links and image banners to promote on your site, blog or social media account.

SBL Affiliate - User Click

When somebody clicks the banner or your unique URL they are directed to, as normal, where they register.

SBL Affiliate - Conversion Tracked

They are now connected to your affiliate ID. This is logged on your account and you can also view your stats and edit any account information.

SBL Affiliate - Commission Earned

You get paid directly via Paypal.

Become an SBL Dating affiliate

Most importantly, there are 3 ways that you can earn passive income with the Straight Black Love Affiliate Program and none of them cost you a penny!


Every member who signs up under your unique URL earns you $0.20 – this means that if 1000 people sign up via your link,  you earn $200 as a flat fee, no matter what. 


When a member buys a membership, you receive 50% of this payment and any additional payments made by this user ie. membership renewal, credits. 


As it is a two-tier affiliate system, this means that if an affiliate registers under you, you will also be connected with the ID of this affiliate. As a result, you will receive 35% of the payments that affiliate generates, too.

For example, if Affiliate B (who has registered under Affiliate A) earns $100, Affiliate A will earn $35 (35%).

Why Should You Partner With Straight Black Love?

  • At 50% SBL Dating is one of the highest paying niche dating sites!
  • Pay-per user sign-up. Most sites only pay subscription-based commission.
  • Better conversions due to very specific niche. In other words, you can directly target black singles and make the most of social platforms to promote.
  • We supply all the banners and adverts you need as well as affiliate marketing tips for what works best with our brand.

Become an SBL Dating affiliate