Become A Affiliate

The affiliate program offers businesses, bloggers and influencers the opportunity to get paid while promoting Black Love!

How Does The Program Work?

When you register in the affiliate program you get a unique affiliate reference ID. You can then use your unique URL, text links and image banners to promote on your site, blog or social media account.

When somebody clicks the banner or unique URL they are directed to as normal where they register. They are now connected to your affiliate ID.
There are 3 ways you will earn under this program and none of them cost you a penny!
1. Every member who signs up under your unique URL earns you 10c – this means if 1000 people sign up you earn $10!
2. When a member buys a membership, the affiliate they signed up under receives 35% of this payment and any additional payments made by this user ie. membership renewal, credits.
3. As it is a two-tier affiliate system, this means that if an affiliate registers under you, you will also be connected with the ID of this affiliate. As a result, you will receive a percentage of the payments the second affiliate generates.
For example, if Affiliate B (who has registered under Affiliate A) earns $100, Affiliate A will earn $35 (35%).
To sign up as an SBL affiliate and learn more about our Partner Program, please visit:

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