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Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act – Here Is Why…



The anonymous author who goes by the name Umoja – which means ‘unity’ in Swahili has a book out entitled “Black Love Is A Revolutionary Act”.

So today I want to talk about this concept of Black Love being ‘revolutionary’ and how and why such a phrase exists. Now to some it goes without saying (and likely yourself included if you are reading this or on this site) but to many others this concept is farfetched or out-dated and we should all date who and whatever – especially those who do not look like us for whatever reason….

The book by Umoja breaks down the political, economic and socio-economic on why and how something so simple can be deemed revolutionary in modern times, and, in fact how this thing, again, which is so basic in principle as well as the norm worldwide is also survival for those living in the Eurocentric west. It breaks down many dynamics between the black man and woman and the adversities we face when dealing with each other as well as why we face them. This topic is everything to do with the gender war between black men and women and nothing to do with “YoU cAn’T HeLp WhO YoU FalL iN lOvE WiTh”

For example.