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#BlackLove Revolution



The #BlackLove movement seen across social media is more than a trending hashtag. Historically our families were separated, and even today, mainstream depictions of Black families are represented by a single parent unit headed by a mother. The resurgence of a social Black Love movement is multifaceted insofar as reclaiming our fundamental human right to Marriage and Family (Art 16). Black Love inherently lays the foundations to the building blocks of our communities; the African family – without it, we have no basis from which to create our customs, culture or legacies.

Join us on Thursday 28th February as we gather to celebrate and discuss the solutions to strengthening and sustaining Black relationships. Joined by some of our friends, we will explore the central themes of Communication, Business and the power and impact of digital media on Black Love. Delving deeper, led by Tony Cealy, the audience will be invited to participate in discussions and fun exercises along with the panel who will also share their respective journeys and present the methods they have used in order to sustain healthy and balanced relationships in business and love.

  • Exploring Black Love: Self, Business and Community (First Afrikan Directive)
  • Why Communication is not only key, it is everything
  • Love Languages – What are they? What are yours?
  • Black Love under Attack: The Emasculation of Black Men
  • Representation and the Power of Digital Media
  • Black Love in and as Business

See footage from the event below;


Hi, my name is Arielle. 5 Years ago I met my wonderful fiancé, on a dating app. We now have two beautiful children together. I am passionate about black love, rebuilding the black family, breaking generational curses and creating our own narrative. I am also an advocate for online dating, for obvious reasons! Hence -

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