Tips For Young Black Married Couples

One of the main issues for young black married couples is disagreements with regards to finances.

In fact, finances are one of the principal reasons why black, married millennials end up in separation court.


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9 Small Things black men Notice About You Even If You Think They Don't

Women tend to think that black men don’t generally see the little things. (Probably because while women comment on everything they observe men tend to register it and move on.) All they care about is aesthetics, right? Not quite…

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7 Powerful Sexual Rituals for Black Couples Guaranteed to Rejuvenate Their Sex-life

Throughout the course of the relationship, as black couples tend to grow older they become fonder of each other. Being as highly sexually active as they were during the early days becomes more and more difficult.  The urge and sex drive declines with the increase in age, naturally. But it’s never too late for black couples to rejuvenate their sex life!

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Toxic relationships adhere to the same traits as all other forms of addictions. It is not easy to spot toxic relationship flags unless you are ready to stop and admit to yourself that you are caught up in this harmful cycle. Toxic relationship addiction can be defined as the strong and uncontrollable, yet harmful urge to acquire and feel something that stimulates pleasure despite the consequence of dependence.

So why do we get caught up in the endless cycle of jumping ignorantly from one bad relationship to the other? 

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Across all ethnic groups, the rates of marriage are in a constant decline over the past decade, and with those tying the knot doing it much later in life. A comparison between more educate whites, black people with less than a high school diploma have been marrying less and much later in life.

This phenomenon can be credited to marital stratification by race and the level of education revealing that, factors such as the ability to accumulate wealth- such as having money in the bank, owning a house, a car or an income stream is a major determinant factor for first marriages.

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“I wasted five years hurting a good black queen by passively staying with her but never choosing her fully.”

What is worst than being single (for the person who doesn’t want to be single)?

Being with someone who makes you feel single…

To her I bet it feels like a slow torturous death; if you are absent when times get tough and then leave her be – she deserves a man who is always present especially when the going gets tough.

As a man it doesn’t feel right to string a black queen’s heart along knowing deep in your heart you have no intention to choose her and be there when she needs you the most. A good black woman deserves a man who will love her unconditionally and that person is out there, it is clearly not you, you are just in her way to true happiness and love.

You can’t be in a relationship and be choosy of the moments you want to be in her life, it’s not optional or even practical.
If she has made up her mind to fully commit to you and be loyal to only you, it’s high time you reciprocate the commitment mutually.

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Well, no, it’s not..

But why do you need a black dating site?

Online dating has evolved immensely and we have a niche for everything you can imagine! You can find dating sites for men who like big women, interracial dating sites, black women and white men only, Asian only, Jewish only, Lesbians only and the list goes on and nobody has any issues with these – there are even sites for people who wish to have affairs and people with STDs!

One thing we have managed to maintain in our ever-changing world is our freedom to have preferences in who we date. They say you cannot help who you fall in love with…however, you can help who you choose to date and give your time and energy to.

For many people their partner is a reflection of them and when it comes to marriage and commitment most people tend to stay close to home with regards to religion and culture and in doing so tend to have better rates of success. In the world of online dating we have more choice than ever before but what happens when you are not your preference’s preference!?

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