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8 Tips On How To Avoid Being ‘Catfished’ While Looking For Love Online



Are you looking for love online?

Chances are if you have not been catfished already it may happen to you soon…sorry!

Being catfished is simply someone faking a persona online and pretending to be someone else.

This person will go to the extent of making you believe they are exactly who they say they are.

You may end up falling in love with a person who does not actually exist.

That is crazy, right?

What if you discover that the person you fell in love with is a school kid behind the screen?

That would REALLY suck… :-/

Whether you met online through Facebook or an actual online dating app, you will probably see a lot of catfishing and fake profiles. These things happen and, to avoid being a victim,

I got you covered.

Here are 8 Tips on how not to get catfished while looking for love online.

1. Call the Person on Your Phone

One of the ways to get to know someone is by listening to their voice. If he or she refuses to talk to you on their phone, probably they are of the opposite gender. Always insist on a phone call to avoid being catfished.

3. Insist on Using Snapchat/Instagram/FaceTime

Who doesn’t have snap chat in the 21st century?

Are you for real if you can’t make the effort to download it ?

An excuse you will get here is that they are having trouble downloading it or their phones memory is full lmao.


5. Ask as Many Questions as Possible

People are smart liars BUT there will always be a way to catch one out…

The best way to get to know someone is by asking a lot of questions.

Ask questions…. pay attention to their reactions… peep their consistency.


You will definitely spot a liar depending on how they answer questions.

7. Note The Consistency of Their Stories

If their story is inconsistent then they probably have something to hide.

Pay attention to what he/she tells you and if certain information doesn’t add up, it might not be true.

2. Try Using Video Chat

They’ve probably already sent you a bunch of pics…

Just to be so sure that you are talking with the right person, a video chat will do.

This is the best way to avoid being catfished as you will see the person AND hear their voice. From the photos they’ve sent you, you can tell if it’s the same person. Just so you know, somebody who is catfishing you will avoid this by any means necessary. They’ll use excuses like ‘my cam isn’t working’….

4. Seems too Good to be True? It Probably is…

This one speaks for itself but….

If you come across a profile of a person that seems to be just too perfect, question yourself.

Go with your instincts my dear.

6. Do an Image Search

If you’ve ever watched the TV show catfish (if you haven’t maybe you should!) you will know that the first thing Nev and the other dude (I forgot his name) do is a Google Image Search.

Doing an image search will be a dead giveaway if the image appears elsewhere but the details don’t match.

Check for multiple profiles, details and names used. Also check their FB page and see if they have a reasonable number of friends and if they have people tagged in their photos or back and forth dialog etc.

Be creative..

8. If They are Asking for Money They are a Catfish

I repeat.

If they are asking for money they ARE a catfish.

You just started chatting with this person you’ve never met and they are asking for money.

For some tragic occurrence.

For a phone bill.

For some business deal they might miss out on… they will get creative with these reasons and appeal to the kind-heart you have.

It’s time to block them.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are an experienced dater or new to dating online, catfishing is one of these things you will inevitably come across.

Don’t let someone take you for a ride with their fake identity.

Applying these tips will help you to not fall for such traps online.

Happy online dating! 🙂