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Scammers On Dating Sites – Being Safe With Online Dating In 2019 – SBL Dating Blog



One of the challenges posed by online dating (or let’s face it…dating in general) is are they who they say they are? He or she could be married, could have children they haven’t mentioned, could have a scary record they haven’t disclosed and information they dare not share on their dating profile.


People, you must always look past your initial attraction to the person you are talking to online and do your due diligence. We are constantly trying to find ways to make our online dating platform safer. The most basic thing One can do on this site is GET VERIFIED. It is very easy to verify your online dating profile… All that is required is for them to copy the gesture in the image to prove they are the same person in the photo.


Nobody likes a catfish! If they cannot do that ladies and gentlemen … leave it where it stands. Or, if you really like them and they claim to be serious…

ask them to get verified. Nobody likes a time-waster. Something we have also noticed is for some reason online dating scammers LOVE to claim they are in the US Navy or Marines.


Not sure why… On a Youtube documentary, they said something about it making them appear trustworthy and what not *rolls eyes* no disrespect to anybody who genuinely is or was employed as such but yeah… it’s the online dating scammer’s go-to thing… lol.


Just giving you a heads up! Do your checks, see if their story makes sense and look for inconsistencies between what they say and their dating profile…it’s not about being a negative Nancy it is about being safe and not wasting any of your precious time. You don’t want to be exchanging messages with somebody for weeks and then bam! “I have an emergency, I need your help, I had a really bad accident and can’t pay the medical fees….” 🙄🙄🤔
Likewise, if you are planning to meet up with somebody and want to make sure all is in order. Or just want piece of mind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with performing a soft check on them. Tbh anybody who makes you feel like there is something wrong with that is a character you should question. A simple “I am looking forward to meeting you but I have heard some horror stories and I want to be safe, do you mind if I run a check on you? I’m happy for you to do the same on me ” will suffice.
Here are some services you can use, you can’t rely on Google;

Spokeo – Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes White Pages listings, Public Records and Social Network Information to help you safely find & learn about people.

Identified Caller – Identified Caller is a phone number search engine that organizes public records information to help you safely find phone number owner name and address.

Email Lookup – Email Lookup search looks up on billions of records to get complete details about the owner.

People Background Check – People Background Check is a people search service that provides public records, criminal record information and comprehensive background checks.
PeekYou – PeekYou’s people search engine allows you to find, contact, and track anyone online. Find photos, links, work history, alumni info, family members and more.

But bare in mind that there is only so much information these services will have on a person so while nothing may show up still proceed with caution, take your time and be smart. If you know any better methods of searching or being safe in general please share!

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