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Black Men

“Stop Slandering Straight Black Men…”



So today I came across a post with a photo caption entitled “Stop Slandering Straight Black Men“.
Straight away I thought that this title would attract a lot of attention… from two types of people.
1. The type who are outraged that somebody would come to the defence of straight black men.
2. The type who love and support straight black men… both types of people would be sure to read on to see what the poster had to say 😅

The poster, @revolution_not_televised2, went on to state that to slander a black man or woman means to paint us in a negative light and anything done in that fashion we should investigate! We see this with pretty much everything; when they are gas-lighting an issue hoping all the sheep jump on the bandwagon – we must stop and analyse the agenda. Who it’s coming from, where it’s coming from (ie. a place of love or hate), why are they saying this and what is their ideal outcome… We have to get in the habit of asking these questions ANY time information is put out.
The subject matter was “Transgender Attacks” here is what she wrote;
To slander means you are making statements about someone that are FALSE when you have no TANGIBLE evidence to support your claims. Your assumptions, opinions and thoughts are all SLANDER if you are not speaking from
a FACTUAL perspective supported by PRIMARY evidence.
It is said that because of “toxic masculinity “, that Black men are violent to transgender people. When factually, I have NEVER seen or heard of Black men getting up to go beat up a transgender person SIMPLY because they are transgender.
I have, HOWEVER, heard of altercations and retaliatory acts against transgender people because a Black men felt romantically misled. Transgenders are going ABOVE and BEYOND to hide all remnants of the sex they were born as, I.e: hormone therapy, make-up, high-end weave installs and plastic surgery. They tend to engage in a level of hypocrisy that is almost inconceivable. They take the liberty to live their supposed “truth” and be themselves while DENYING the choice to others who are MORALLY, SPIRITUALLY & BIOLOGICALLY adverse to sleeping with someone born as a man TOO.
So kindly STOP slandering Straight Black men with a HALFWAY told story and narrative. All you have to do is INVESTIGATE the personal history between the “victim” and “perpetrators” in these “attacks”.
It is important to reiterate that while nobody is condoning any attacks on an individual that when people make such accusations they make it seem as though black men are going out of their way to target random Transgenders and cause harm to them. When instead what you see happening more and more is straight black men are being lied to and misled into believing they are having relations with women who were BORN women. Similarly, they are trying to demonize straight black men for not wanting to engage in relations with them.
That, my friends, is insanity.
I once posed a question on the SBL Dating Instagram Page “How would you feel if somebody confirmed on a date that you were born the gender that you are/identify as?” – 100% of the commenters said something along the lines of – I wouldn’t mind, I’m checking them too, you have to ask nowadays… If the majority of people want to know who they are getting involved with why is it then okay for this small group of people to lie and deceive people into believing they are somebody else – pretty much JUST so they can have relations with them? That is sick, plain and simple. There is no “I wanted them to get to know the real me”

WHAT is the real you? What you SAY it is?

Nah… and they want to make it seem like us, with this mentality are the ones who are wrong. A woman from Brazil even went as far as to say “If he asked me that I would kick him to the curb cause I wouldn’t want a transphobic bitch in my bed”.
It is laughable that a black man becomes a “bitch” for not wishing to sleep with somebody who was born a black man, also…..pause.

They will scream all the phobics under the sun and then some.

The bullying tactics are real.

I have said it before and I will say it again, insanity.
That is all.