As a dating and relationships blogger, I have learned that the routine boring and traditional ways of getting to know more about each other as a black couple can slow down connections and weaken relationships.

Instead of conforming to the usual predictable routine, it is far better to participate in activities that have been scientifically proven to improve and strengthen your stand as a black couple and build more attraction to your spouse while strengthening the mutual bond that you both share. The following are workable ideas that you can both tailor to adapt to your style as a black couple.

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Well, no, it’s not..

But why do you need a black dating site?

Online dating has evolved immensely and we have a niche for everything you can imagine! You can find dating sites for men who like big women, interracial dating sites, black women and white men only, Asian only, Jewish only, Lesbians only and the list goes on and nobody has any issues with these – there are even sites for people who wish to have affairs and people with STDs!

One thing we have managed to maintain in our ever-changing world is our freedom to have preferences in who we date. They say you cannot help who you fall in love with…however, you can help who you choose to date and give your time and energy to.

For many people their partner is a reflection of them and when it comes to marriage and commitment most people tend to stay close to home with regards to religion and culture and in doing so tend to have better rates of success. In the world of online dating we have more choice than ever before but what happens when you are not your preference’s preference!?

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