Tips For Young Black Married Couples

One of the main issues for young black married couples is disagreements with regards to finances.

In fact, finances are one of the principal reasons why black, married millennials end up in separation court.


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Tragically, marriage has lost quite a bit of its significance in the present society. Experiencing childhood in a family unit where my folks have been as one for about 40 years and my grandparents were for more than 60 years, I was constantly under the feeling that marriage implied for eternity…

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Across all ethnic groups, the rates of marriage are in a constant decline over the past decade, and with those tying the knot doing it much later in life. A comparison between more educate whites, black people with less than a high school diploma have been marrying less and much later in life.

This phenomenon can be credited to marital stratification by race and the level of education revealing that, factors such as the ability to accumulate wealth- such as having money in the bank, owning a house, a car or an income stream is a major determinant factor for first marriages.

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