As black women, for even the slightest things we do (or for the manner in which we react to things done to us), we hear about how aggressive we are and how much attitude we have…
Despite that fact that if anybody else reacts the same way it is labelled as “feisty” or “firery” etc.

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9 Small Things black men Notice About You Even If You Think They Don't

Women tend to think that black men don’t generally see the little things. (Probably because while women comment on everything they observe men tend to register it and move on.) All they care about is aesthetics, right? Not quite…

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Women need to heal and stop bringing past relationship baggage into their new relationships

Ladies, I am going to get straight into the meat on this one, please heal from your last relationship before getting involved with anybody else.

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Tips for dating an older black woman

For men interested in dating older black women, it’s on a whole different level than you are used to, courting and dating older black women requires you to take a different approach.
There are some important differences that you should be aware of from the beginning…

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Yes… the image above is ABSOLUTELY clickbait… I am not ashamed – it was fun to make!

First and foremost if you don’t want to read this post and would rather listen to it you can check out the audio version here. It is a full episode of the Pillow Talk Podcast and pretty much what is said on that is transcribed below.

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“I wasted five years hurting a good black queen by passively staying with her but never choosing her fully.”

What is worst than being single (for the person who doesn’t want to be single)?

Being with someone who makes you feel single…

To her I bet it feels like a slow torturous death; if you are absent when times get tough and then leave her be – she deserves a man who is always present especially when the going gets tough.

As a man it doesn’t feel right to string a black queen’s heart along knowing deep in your heart you have no intention to choose her and be there when she needs you the most. A good black woman deserves a man who will love her unconditionally and that person is out there, it is clearly not you, you are just in her way to true happiness and love.

You can’t be in a relationship and be choosy of the moments you want to be in her life, it’s not optional or even practical.
If she has made up her mind to fully commit to you and be loyal to only you, it’s high time you reciprocate the commitment mutually.

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