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These Are Officially The Top 8 Cities To Meet Black Singles…



Black singles in the African American community often complain that they can’t find other black singles, even though we are literally everywhere! Or that the black people around them don’t date black. This is always my cue to offer them to sign up to Straight Black Love, of course.. but if you just want to meet new people out and about and have a better experience in general within the United States, maybe you just need to relocate?

If you are thinking of relocating to improve your chances of finding black love then these are officially the top 8 cities to meet black singles…

1. New York, NY

Are you a noob to the diverse black culture and heritage? The big apple is the perfect spot for you especially if you are black and single, with a population of about 3 million blacks from a vast African background. NYC provides plenty of black people to meet and limitless activities to participate in non-stop. Did I mention that NYC has the most renowned wildest nightlife scenes in the world? If you are bored in NYC it’s is entirely your fault 🙂

2. Miami, FL

Miami is the mother of the beach culture, and provides a playground for black singles to mingle and relax, party and eat as well overlooking the vast pacific coastline, from ocean drive to south beach, you can meet the beautiful black people and party on jet skis and luxury yachts that is if you’ve got the money like that, Miami is the ultimate spot for black people to experience life with a touch of luxury, and who knows maybe you might actually the love of your life here in the process.

3. New Orleans, LA


Are you a black single who is budget-conscious but wants to experience a multicultural African heritage culture? Then New Orleans is the spot for you, here there are plenty of young, black professionals drawn to this coastal paradise from all over the world to establish successful business start-ups and thriving families, live music on every corner in new is another unique attraction in this coastal city, where you will organically be exposed to jazz-influenced live performances that will always remember the magic touch associated with this place. With the entertaining mix of the cities’ iconic culture and proud citizens, it will be hard for you to finally leave New Orleans afterwards.

4. San Francisco, CA

The African American Arts & cultural complex and the museum of the African Diaspora, are just a few of cultural and entertainment landmarks that are appealing to the black singles, not to mention that SF is the liberal capital of the world due to this it of flocks with free-minded young people ready to mingle around the world-famous dining restaurants or enjoy cocktails at one of the hundreds of bars and clubs or taking in the culture at museums, parks and shopping areas. Oakland, a city hosting a rich black history, is an easy Uber ride away.


5. Memphis, TN

With a lively music scene and great southern food, Memphis offers many opportunities for black singles to connect and stay fully entertained during their stay. Beale Street is an iconic taste of the local culture, food, and music that brings out some of the best crowds of people to mingle within the city.

6. Atlanta, GA

With the second-largest black population in the United States, Atlanta is also renowned the capital for black Americans, it offers ample opportunities for mingling, dining and staying entertained in the vibrant area downtown, it also home to historic black universities and more black industries than anywhere in the country, you’ll find affluent, thriving black people just about everywhere you go here.

7. Chicago, IL

Chicago is a city with ample opportunities to meet other black singles from summer music festivals, museums, and an impressive bar and dining scene, it’s easy to mingle all year round. Home to dozens of options to choose from summertime is also a great time to enjoy the charming coastline and vibrant beach culture.

8. Houston, TX

Houston is on the come up as a popular destination for black singles, Thanks to its diverse and very young population, the city has drawn black professionals from all over to call this Texas city home. This exciting nightlife scenes and numerous attractions and dining options will also give you plenty of opportunities to meet other singles.

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