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When Should I Propose To My Girlfriend?



When Should I Propose To My Girlfriend?

There comes a time in life when men contemplate when is the best time to propose to their girlfriend. I myself have encountered this thought many times and have found that having some helpful advice makes this massive life decision and commitment less overwhelming. As you read below, you will find more direction and understanding to help guide you on knowing the right time to propose to your girlfriend.


I have found that those who are marriage-minded and dating someone who is also marriage-minded is a great recipe for success. If both parties have the goal of marriage, then this is a good sign that the person you’re dating may be the one you need to propose to.

Not The Honeymoon Phase

When contemplating my proposal, I made sure that we were no longer in the honeymoon phase. My girlfriend and I were out of the lovey-dovey phase when everything seems so perfect. I would lend the advice that if you are still in the early stages of the relationship and everything still seems so blissful, then this is perhaps not the right time to propose. A more fitting time to propose is after the blissfulness of the honeymoon stage has settled and now the couple is in a more rational head space mentally.

Intentional Dating

When seeking a spouse or dating someone that is marriage-material, it is important to be dating with intentions. Knowing I was seeking a wife I made sure to only date women who wanted to be a wife. I made my intentions clear from the beginning and so did they. You should ask yourself, “When Should I Propose To My Girlfriend?” only after intentions have been stated and proven by actions.

Being In Love

Being in love is great and feels very good. Don’t allow love to be the only deicing factor in determining if the time is right to propose. But I must admit I would have never proposed to my girlfriend if we were not in love. Along with love, ensure the relationship has compatibility in other areas as well.

Is This My Soulmate

I pondered over and over again about if my girlfriend was my soulmate. Based off of our emotional connection and our alignment with our goals, I felt as though we too were meant to be with each other. This confirmed even more that this woman was my soulmate. However, after the first few weeks of our relationship, I saw many signs that revealed that this was the woman I had always longed for.

The Right Moment

It may be hard to determine when someone should propose to their girlfriend. But for me the decision came at a time after the honeymoon phase was well over, intentions had been stated, a deep emotional connection had strongly formed and alignment was present on all levels. Connecting with someone and being in alignment mentally, financially and spiritually were key factors. It was in this moment that I knew it was the right moment to propose to my girlfriend.

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