Many of the discussions surrounding addiction tend to focus on the physical and psychological effects of substance abuse. The effects of drug addiction, however, expand beyond these issues and further encompasses one’s social health and wellbeing.

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So I thought I would compile a list of
‘The Best Black Love Movies Of All Time’ for you guys!

All of these movies display beautiful black love yet will have their high points and low points where nowadays we look back and think ‘nah, that was actually hella toxic!’ haha…

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Where Do Black Christian People Meet?

You would think that black Christian singles have an easy time finding their black love; with the number of black churches on the rise every day and the existence of megachurches. I mean, megachurch!

That just screams high volume.

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I have long since held the position that someone who truly loves and cares for you, will never cheat on you.

My personal belief is that cheating should be the end of a relationship – I know there are other writers and speakers out there who may advocate for giving a second chance for whatever reason, but to me, cheating is the ultimate way to break the bond of a monogamous commitment.

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Tips For Young Black Married Couples

One of the main issues for young black married couples is disagreements with regards to finances.

In fact, finances are one of the principal reasons why black, married millennials end up in separation court.


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As black women, for even the slightest things we do (or for the manner in which we react to things done to us), we hear about how aggressive we are and how much attitude we have…
Despite that fact that if anybody else reacts the same way it is labelled as “feisty” or “firery” etc.

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Women need to heal and stop bringing past relationship baggage into their new relationships

Ladies, I am going to get straight into the meat on this one, please heal from your last relationship before getting involved with anybody else.

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