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You Can’t Be The KING Until You Embrace Her Divine Black Feminine Energy



The late great baseball legend Jackie Robinson once quoted an old but a truthful saying that
‘behind every successful man there is usually a woman who deserves more credit for his successes’

Whatever amount of credit due, it’s rarely given to such deserving women. This wise saying holds across the board from politics to popular culture, and especially in the black community there are a ton of iconic figures who achieve the king status attributed to their ability to tap into the divine black feminine energy of their spouses, they were able to acquire great heights of success by being consciously aware of the power of the divine black feminine energy and its significant role in achievement of their black man’s wildest dream.


Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King is a prime example in this case, as one of the most beloved political figures in the world’s history for taking a bullet for his solid stance against racial oppression and African America equality, alongside him always was his gorgeous black wife Coretta Scott king, she was the feminine force that drove Luther and accompanied him through, his strife during the civil rights matches, his marriage, and even to the final funeral procession after his assassination. Even after his death she continued to endure death threats, but worked against it to keep Martin Luther’s dream, legacy and mission alive.



Michelle Obama is another exceptional example in this case; she had Barack’s back ever since he joined the same law firm she worked for as a summer associate and appointed to mentor him, Michelle being a law graduate in both Princeton and Harvard played a crucial role in Barack’s ascension from a senator of Illinois to the commander in chief in the white house.

Dr Betty Al-shabazz was Alongside Malcolm-x, probably the most prominent military-minded African American revolutionary figure in black history. She was also present (with their four daughters) at the tragic event of his assassination.

Winne Mandela behind the iconic Nelson Mandela, who was single-handedly instrumental in ending the apartheid in South Africa.

Jay and Beyonce; the present-day music power couple with a combined net worth of over a billion dollars.

NBA superstar Lebron James and his wife Savannah who have managed to keep a squeaky clean public image despite the enormous wealth and fame.

A quick summary of the common traits among black men who have over-achieved the king status reveals a common recurring factor they all had strong black women alongside during their journey to prominence, it seems they mastered the secret of embracing the divine black feminine energy and tapped into its inspiration to create, lead and excel in their relevant fields of expertise.


With these examples it’s evident that until a man is willing to take responsibility, not just for himself, but also for the entire world around him then he can’t truly be a king, until he learns to do so and he might be financially rich but in reality money or status is all that he has.

It’s accurate to state that as young black men we are far more preoccupied with wealth accumulation and while in a relationship stubbornly resistant to take any real responsibilities for what lives beyond our own self-serving concerns as black men we are fated to adolescence perpetual stagnation.


This is why a woman tests a man she loves over and over again, not necessarily in a skillfully or conscious manner, she just refuses to be easy to deal with, this is the only way she knows a man‘s orientation to love by pushing him beyond his rigid logical limitation, and that is the greatest gift of the feminine energy that the man fails to grasp.

As a woman tests you she is orienting you towards love and when we fail to embrace her influence in our lives we orient towards things that matter less, typically in the realm of instant gratification; like money, sex and self-inflation.

It would be true to state that for most black men an intimate relationship is a no go zone most of our self-worth is tied up in our ability to perform sexually. With this shallow approach to our relationships no matter what we do we are unable to make a woman happy at least not for long, the reason being rather than learning to embrace her capricious ways as an ongoing invitation to every day continue pursuing her heart, which is how the relationship stays dynamic and sexy, but we take it as an affront to our masculine identity. This misunderstanding is the core of so much relationship dysfunction and ultimate breakdown.

In real relationships too many men are afraid to follow their women onto that battlefield, instead, we hide in the trenches thinking that we are safe from death, though we are actually just dying slowly, unfulfilled, as the war grinds and no connections to the other side are ever made.
In other words, men are less than willing and don’t even know how to die for love.
But basically, it is not all that complex to comprehend. The feminine uses her connection to the mysterious heart to orient her masculine partner towards love. The masculine then uses his gifts to figure out how to bring love into actual being. Any other dynamic is a perversion of life.